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The Satiety Diet uses proven scientific research, because not only your food, but also your thoughts, habits, senses, environment and almost every aspect of your life affects your body-weight.

Satiety is defined as “the feeling or state of being sated”, being “fully satisfied: or having “a feeling of fullness”.

When you reach satiety, your appetite fades. So, if you never really feel satiety, you’re likely to go on eating, or even over-eating. Above all, satiety is the key to weight loss.

Achieving satiety, however, involves more than simply eating highly-satiating foods. In other words food is one factor, but there are many others.

Feeling satisfied by the pleasure you get from food helps you control your body weight. As a result, the pleasure you get from food helps you to avoid eating in the absence of hunger.

The first two books in the Satiety Diet series tell you about a vast range of lifestyle factors including and beyond diet, all of which are powerful tools for weight control.

Book #3 contains recipes for delicious dishes, because this is what weight loss is all about. Enjoy!

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