Welcome to the Satiety Diet Bookstore! For each edition, some links will become live closer to the date of publication. Book #1 of the Satiety Diet series hit the bookshelves on 1st December 2019. Book #2 The Satiety Diet Toolkit was launched in July 2020. Please, get yourself a cup of coffee (or tea, or chai, or whatever you prefer), and sit back in a comfortable chair while you read the Satiety Diet series!

The Satiety Diet is based on cutting-edge research into the countless ways not only your food, but also your thoughts, habits, senses, environment and almost every aspect of your life can profoundly affect your body-weight.
The first two books in the series present data about a vast range of lifestyle factors including and beyond diet, all of which are powerful tools for weight control. The third book contains recipes for delicious dishes. Enjoy!

Proudly published by Leaves of Gold Press.