There are many useful tools for your online weight loss toolkit, available to help you on your journey to your slimmer, healthier self. (Note that some links on this page take you to external websites, for whose content we are not responsible!)

Body Mass Calculator

You can calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) by dividing your weight by your height. It is one way of finding out if you are really overweight, or if you are the right weight for your height.

If you’d like to use Online Body Mass Calculators to find out your BMI, you can get them from:

The National Heart Lung & Blood Institute (Based in USA)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Based in USA)
The Heart Foundation (Based in Australia)
The Department of Health (Based in Australia)

Food Tracker

Food-trackerFood tracking, or food journaling, is a great way to help you lose weight.
Choose an app that allows you to track your food without too many mouth-watering images, because looking at images of food can make you hungrier – and that’s what you want to avoid! You can find many apps on iTunes and Google Play. Some free Food Tracking Apps include:

Cronometer (iTunes and Google Play)
My Diet Coach (iTunes and Google Play)
Yazio (iTunes and Google Play)
Lose It! (iTunes and Google Play)
My Fitness Pal (iTunes and Google Play)
Kudolife (iTunes and Google Play)

Weight Loss Tracker

As mentioned in Book #1 of the Satiety Diet series, you can help yourself stay motivated by tracking your weight loss. For instance, some free online weight loss trackers include:

aktiBMI on Google Play

Calorie Counter

Online weight loss toolkit - Calorie counterYour weight loss toolkit should contain useful data about Calories. Information about online Calorie counters can be found at
NHS (National Health Service, UK)
Calorie King

Weekly Meal Planner

weekly planner“Plan! Plan! Plan!” is one of our catch-cries. If you’ve already got your next meal organized, you’re less likely to be tempted to grab the nearest sugary, fatty food snack when hunger hits. Plan breakfast, lunch and dinner for a whole week, as well as snacks.
Download our free Satiety Diet weekly meal planner as a PDF or Word document.
Satiety-Diet-weekly-meal-planner (PDF)  The short version.
Satiety-Diet-weekly-meal-planner(docx) The short version.
Satiety-Diet-weekly-meal-planner-2 (docx)  The longer version

Microsoft Office offers a free weekly meal planner template to use on its Excel (TM) software.

WW Smart Points

Here’s an online calculator to help you work out the number of WW ™ smartpoints™ in different foods*. Go to Calculator Net’s Fitness and Health Calculators, navigate to “Weight Watcher Points Calculator” and click on the link.

If you were on the WW ™ program*, how many smartpoints™ would you be allocated each day? Find out here.

* Note that The Satiety Diet is not affiliated in any way with WW.

The Oxford Happiness Questionnaire

happinessHappiness is linked to your body-weight. According to an article in Personality and Individual Differences, the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire is “a compact scale for the measurement of psychological well-being”. It’s based on the Oxford Happiness Inventory (OHI, Argyle, Martin, & Crossland, 1989), which was devised as a broad measure of personal happiness, mainly for in-house use in the Department of Experimental Psychology of the University of Oxford in the late 1980s. You can take the questionnaire here.

The Cambridge Well-Being Index

Psychologists at the University of Cambridge devised a simple questionnaire to measure your general well-being. The Psychological General Well-Being Index (PGWBI) contains 22 questions about how you feel and how things have been going with you. Take the questionnaire at University of Cambridge General Well-Being Index