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List-of-contentsHello readers! There’s not long to go now until the first book in the Satiety Diet series is published. I can hardly wait!
In response to popular demand, here’s a sneak peek at the list of contents in Book #1 “How to Lose Weight – The Satiety Diet”. It’s a pretty long list of contents, which indicates how much information is packed into the almost 800 pages of the book!:)


PART ONE: Your Inner Guardian and appetite

Your Inner Guardian

PART TWO: Satiety

Satiety: How to get it!
Factors that influence satiety
Psychological factors
Sensory characteristics of food
The microbiome
Food variety
Fullness and food volume
The experience of eating
Tips for using satiety for weight loss

PART THREE: Hunger and Overeating

Types of hunger
Dealing with hunger
Causes of overeating
Hunger and appetite triggers
Factors that can drive you to overeat
Food Addiction
Is food addiction real?
The Yale Food Addiction Scale
The role of dopamine in “food addiction”
Other possible causes of “food addiction”
How to overcome “food addiction”
Food cravings
Reset your natural appetite
Meds that can make you gain weight

PART FOUR: Food and Drink

Understanding Calories
Processed vs unprocessed foods
Foods and drinks that help weight loss
Portion size
Sweetness and sweeteners
Foods and drinks that can hinder weight loss

PART FIVE: The Timing of Eating

The daily eating routine
Duration of meals
Circadian rhythm
How often should you eat?
Have a smaller eating window
Bedtime and weight loss
About fasting
The timing of eating—days of the week
The timing of eating and exercise

PART SIX: Mind Tricks for Weight Loss

Your mind is a powerful tool
Mind tricks for weight loss: positive thinking
The power of visualization
Mind tricks to make yourself want less junk food
Mind tricks: Visual cues
More brilliant mind tricks for weight loss
Tips to combat emotional eating or comfort eating
Mind tricks for weight loss: Meditation
Learn to love more foods
Learn to unlove calorie-dense foods
Willpower and creating good habits
De-stressing helps weight control
Depression and weight management
Social connection

PART SEVEN: The Satiety Diet Lifestyle

About the Satiety Diet
Satiety Diet general guidelines
How to eat an ideal Satiety Diet meal
A day in the Satiety Diet lifestyle

PART EIGHT: Exercise

The benefits of exercise
Tips for moving your body
Different forms of movement
Motivation to exercise
Exercise without a “workout session”
Four types of exercise
The benefits of simply walking
The minimum amount of exercise
High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
The best time of day to exercise
Thrifty exercising


Better sleep = better weight loss
What can cause poor quality sleep?
How sleep affects body-weight regulation
Sleep shortage increases obesity risk

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